Kitchen Hack -How to clean your hotwater kettle

Hello hello everyone. Happy Saturday to you all. It’s another weekend and a fresh new post. I hope everyone had a great week.

It’s been a while since I shared any tips in the home improvement department so In today’s post, I’ll be talking about taking care of your hotwater kettle. When it comes to cleanliness around the home, I’m very meticulous about having everything clean and in order. Makes life much easier.

Kitchen Hack -How to clean your hotwater kettle

Kitchen Hack -How to clean your hotwater kettle

If you are a tea/hot water drinker like myself, the hot water kettle is a daily staple item in your kitchen. Using hotwater kettle, I find overtime, build up starts to form at the bottom of the kettle and to tell you the truth, it is gross. So you might ask, how exactly do keep your hotwater kettle clean? Read on, directions are below.

Kitchen Hack -How to clean your hotwater kettle

Follow these steps to clean your kettle

What you need:

White vinegar 


1) Add 50/50 white vinegar and water to fill your kettle and leave overnight.

2) Pour out mixture from the night before, fill kettle with fresh water and boil.

3) Discard water, wipe the outside of your kettle and voila, your kettle is good as new.

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