Bandage top

Bandage top

OUTFIT: Off the shoulder tops [Options — here, here, and here] || Bandage skirt [Options – here and here] || Clutch [Option – here] || Heels [Option – here] ||

Happy new week friends, gosh I’ve been MIA for about a week because I’ve been sick with some kinda bug – I don’t even know what it is. I was out of commission for 4 days, literally lived on the couch and just drank enough water to keep me alive. Thank God for Advil, Neocitran (worked like a charm), and cough candy, the bug didn’t over stay its welcome.

I’m back on the grind and I’m sharing with you guys my OOTD. Love this outfit especially because the tighter it is, the better it shows all the curves in the right places. My recent found love is for anything off the shoulder and the bandage skirt, which I’ve styled before and love very dearly is also making reappearance. I love the orange and the blue together for fancy summer events, because the outfit put together screams, I AM HERE. I mean let’s face it, who doesn’t like attention. The other thing I like about the outfit is that it screams Herve Leger without the Herve Leger price tag… SCORE!


Summer outfit

Herve Ledger

Off the Shoulder top

Summer skirt

Bandage skirt

Okay guys, enough of my Tuesday gist. I hope you all have a great week; you can shop the post through the links above as well as the section underneath this post through the “Shop the post section.” See you in my next post which I’m hoping will be Thursday (God willing). In the meantime, don’t forget to like and Share your favorite posts from Tulip-Sayz.


summer top Summer top




Summer topBodycon Skirt





Bodycon Clutch










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